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  • about 16 hours ago - An amazing last matchday awaits us in Gold League today! #nailbiter
  • Jul 28 - The Aberdeen Dragonriders are Honour League champions! After two 2nd and one 3rd place, they clinched the top spot two days early! Congrats!
  • Jul 10 - Crazy dense competition in Gold League! The Top 8 are only 2 wins apart from each other! #playhard #quidditch
  • Jul 6 - The rumours have been confirmed: Egyptian and Polish players can now negotiate contracts in the BQA. #كويدتش #kłidicz
  • Jul 2 - Japanese and Portuguese players can now join BQA teams and with a bit of luck we will see the first free agents today! #クィディッチ #quadribol
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